Reef Zlements Vitaplus 1000ml


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    VitaPlus is the “vitality element” of the Reef Zlements method, a complete method that delivers macro and trace elements along with “nutrients” and food that your corals need to thrive.

    VitaPlus is a specifically designed blend of vitamins which includes vitamin A, B complex, C, K, and E along with a special ingredient which works in synergy with AminoPlus and the Reef Zlements 2 part solutions.

    Our proprietary recipe has been formulated to improve coral growth, colouration and overall coral health therefore, it is likely that reefers who start using VitaPlus to experience improvements in colouration and health and growth of the corals.

    VitaPlus recommended doses are as follows for each stocking level:

    Light (Soft, LPS & SPS) – 1-2 ml per 100l per day
    Medium (Soft, LPS & SPS) – 2-3 ml per 100l per day
    Heavy (Soft, LPS & SPS) – 3-6 ml per 100l per day

    The above dosing recommendation is the dosing maintenance dose and you may feel the need to adjust the dosing levels according to your reef specific needs depending of your nutrient levels.

    We always recommend to start with a lower dose for the first 2-3 weeks to ensure nutrient levels are maintained at ideal levels

    During the use of the nutrient management products and VitaPlus always monitor the visual appearance of your corals, the Nitrate and Phosphate in the tank water.If you notice any brown or grey biofilm on the live rocks or the appearance of algae/cyanobacteria it is a likely sign that you are overdosing.

    Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.