Reef Zlements Blizzard 500ml


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    Reef Zlements Blizzard is a marine polymer that acts as flocculant by capturing both organic and inorganic pollutants in the water which helps to regulate nutrient levels.

    It helps to regulate natural nutrient cycle and acids in the aquarium, leading to long term stable nutrient levels and higher PH.

    Blizzard purifies the water by removing undesired compounds, leaving the water crystal clear. It also helps carry nutrients to the corals, aiding in their biological processes which will increase coral growth rates.
    Dose up to 5ml per 100l of aquarium water when the lights go out, We recommend dosing twice a week however, it can be used daily. This product must be used in conjunction with a skimmer of other form of mechanical filtration. The cloudiness in the water is harmless for all fish as well as sensitive corals.